The art of creating a web site involves a lot more than create some pages and pasting images onto them. Interactive features and animations along with creativity can be far more effective in conveying the message to your global audience.

We Specialise in Building Directory and Classified Websites

A Directory website allows site visitors to search through a collection of profiles or listings to narrow their search to the most appropriate result. TopWebArt is global leader in planning, designing and building Directory based websites with extensive experience in creating effective and cost effective solutions. If you are planning a Directory based site we would love to have a chat with you about how we can help.

How our Directory Solution Can Help Your Business Grow

All Directory websites have their unique points of difference. Our technology has been built to be flexible and powerful enough to create real value for our clients regardless of their specific needs. We are constantly improving and updating our Directory websites to ensure they remain up-to-date with the latest browsers and technologies.

Cost Effective
Directory sites are generally complicated and expensive to design and build. With our experience and technology in this area we can plan and launch your Directory based website faster and more cost effectively than traditionally possible. With The Web Showroom you receive a detailed proposal and fixed quotation for your Directory requirements.

Easy to Update
All of our Directory sites come with our proven and successful Content Management System (CMS). Whether you are updating a listing in your Directory or another part of your website, you will have complete control over the content of your website.

Search Engine Friendly
All of our Directory sites are built on our incredibly search engine friendly framework which gives everything from your homepage to your individual listings the best chance of ranking well in Google. Our Directory websites easily integrate with Google Analytics, AdWords conversion tracking and Google Webmaster tools.

Bank and Payment Gateway Ready
Directory sites sometimes need the ability for site users to create profiles in exchange for a fee. For these sites we offer a full integration with a wide range of third party payment gateways. For a full list of banks and payment gateways please contact us.

Secure and Reliable
We understand just how important website security is for site owners and their visitors. As such, our system is highly secure with all secure site areas including 128-bit SSL security. In addition, all of our websites take advantage of our regular back-ups of website data. We are constantly updating and patching our technology to ensure we keep up-to-date with the latest security requirements.