The art of creating a web site involves a lot more than create some pages and pasting images onto them. Interactive features and animations along with creativity can be far more effective in conveying the message to your global audience.

  • Is your website fresh and updated?
  • Is your website is SEO friendly?
  • Do you think that you need a change in the look and the feel of your website?
  • Are you looking for a complete redesign and professional website design of your existing website?

If any of the above questions hold true in your case then you need Website Redesign Services. Updating and redesigning a website not only gives it a new look and feel but give it a complete new identity and works towards maximizing the performance of the website.

There are various reasons for which you should go for website redesign services. It helps you keep abreast with the latest trends and fashion of the Internet world that change faster than you can even realize.

It also helps in incorporating the expansion of your business. With time as your business expands, your old site will become incapable of reflecting the true status and all the products and services you would want to show your customers.

With website redesigning you can further incorporate new tools and features available making your website a better browsing experience. It also helps in getting higher ranks in the search engines as it is a known fact the search engines like fresh and updated content and designs.

And the best part is the attraction quotient. Updated website’s with all the latest features included will definitely attract more customers than the one looking old.

TopWebArt works towards fulfilling these benefits for the customers by making sure that the needs are properly understood so as to provide just the right solutions. We make sure that our Website Redesign services render all that will make your website to the top of the charts and includes all the latest trends and features.

Website redesign process at TopWebArt

Experts at TopWebArt, first of all reviewing as much information as is available in terms of the web site’s performance. Statistics taken such as which pages are most popular, which pages visitors often leave your website from, the prominence of various pages, the common operating system/web browser and screen resolutions of your visitors and so on. The way that design elements are implemented and their effect on the website’s search engine performance, cross-compatibility, and other important factors which can literally make or break a web site’s performance are also examined.


After research our experts consults the clients regarding their findings – listening to their ideas and reasons for wanting a website redesign, while contributing ideas and suggestions based upon our research. Usually clients interested in redesigning their website already have some ideas of what they like and don’t like about their web site’s design, layout and/or structure and what they are looking to change. Our experts discuss clients’ desires, align them with their findings and suggestions, and prepare for a proposal and quote that will guide us forward.

Review & Approval

We take reviews if needed and then seek final approval for the project. Depending on the size, programming and nature of the website which is being redesigned we will provide various means of keeping our clients involved throughout the redesign process.


Once approval has gained we start the implementation into the existing website in the most seamless and efficient way possible – outlined step by step in our proposal. Depending on the website in question, the complexity and scope of a website redesign varies greatly. Either the way, our experts are very aware of the importance of seamless integration and thus apply our changes in a way that will have the least impact on the website and its visitors.