The art of creating a web site involves a lot more than create some pages and pasting images onto them. Interactive features and animations along with creativity can be far more effective in conveying the message to your global audience.

E-commerce is the term given to buying goods and services electronically online using a credit card. If you have products to sell, offer a service and require a deposit upfront, donation and collecting money, an e-commerce enabled website would allow you to take payment instantly from customers anywhere in the world.

TopWebArt can provide you with a shopping cart solution that can be matched into your existing web site. We can set up your website to accept credit card payments and all transactions will be credited into a Merchant Account.

How does it work? There are numerous ways of going about the process. The traditional method, which many people still believe to be the only method, is to visit your bank and set up a "merchant account". This involves a lot of time and expense, and your Bank will typically give you tens of forms to fill in!

At TopWebArt, we can make the process a lot easier. We recommend using PayPal as your merchant provider. All you need is a Paypal Websites Standard Business Account, which is free to set-up. You then provide us with access to your account and we link it to your website. All credit card payments made through your website collect in your PayPal account. At any point you can transfer the accumulated funds in your PayPal account to a bank of your choice.